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September 18, 2019
Web Technology
September 18, 2019

Python – ML

  1 Month

1) Introduction
2) Input and Output
3) Operators and Data types
4) Conditional Statements
5) Unconditional statements
6) Loop statements
7) String And String Handling Functions
8) Data Structures concept in python

a) List,  b) Tuple,  c) Dictionary ,  d) Sequence,  e) Set

9) Functions

a) User define functions,  b) Predefine function

10) Modules

a) User define modules,  b) Pre define modules

11) Files and Files operations
12) Exception Handling
13) Object Oriented concepts

a) Class and Objects,  b) Constructors,  c) Inheritance

14) Flask

a) Introduction,  b) Creating simple form,  c) Database connectivity

15) Machine Learning

a) Introduction,  b) Supervised learning,  c) Unsupervised learning,  d) Solve one problems for each learnings(IEEE paper Problems)

16) Mini project(Flask/Machine learning)