IOT Projects

1. A Zigbee-Based Animal Health Monitoring System

2. Advanced LMS Integration of SCORM Web Laboratories

3. An Approch for Monitoring and Smart Planning of Urban Solid Waste Management

4. An IoT-Aware Architecture for Smart Healthcare Systems

5. Energy Efficient Location and Activity-aware On-Demand Mobile Distributed Sensing Platform

6. IOT - Garbage and Street Light Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

7. IOT - Underground Wire Fault Detection Technique

8. IOT based Novel Low-Cost Sensor for Human Bite Force Measurement

9. IoT Based Smart Home

10. IOT based Structural Health Monitoring of Flyovers

11. IOT, GPRS & Raspberry PI Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication

12. Mine Safety System Using WSN

13. Rapid Entire Body Assessment - A Literature Review

14. Residence Energy Control System Based on Wireless Smart Socket and IoT-min

15. an automated system for accident detection

16. android based monitoring humam knee joint movement using wearable computing

17. an instrumented insole for long term monitoring movement comfort and ergonomics

18. an integrated system for regional environmental monitoring and management based on internet of things

19. a novel reconfigurable microgrid architecture with renewable energy sources and storage

20. application if rfid technology and the maximum spanning tree algorithn for solving vechicle emission

21. a reconfigurable smart sensor interface for industrial wsn in iot environment

22. design and implementation of client server based remote motor control system using-android or dotnet for industrial application

23. dual mode wireless sensor network for real time contactless in door health monitoring

24. examining market challenges pertaining to cold chain in the frozen food industry in indian retail sector

25. intelligent food management system maintenance of agro and non agro foods in cold-storage

26. intra vehicle networks a review

27. smart home energy management system including renewable energy based on zigbee and webservices

28. the elderly’s independent living in smart homes with daily life tracking application

29. wireless sensor network based electric livestock of dairycattle ruminatio and physical parameter monitoring

30. wsn and iot based smart homes and their extension to smart buildings

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