Embedded New Projects

1. A Custom Internet of Things Healthcare System

2. A Novel Security Enabled Speed Monitoring System for Two Wheelers using Wireless Technology

3. A Smart-Home System to Unobtrusively and Continuously Assess Loneliness in Older Adults

4. A Survey on Voice Based Mail System for Physically Impaired Peoples

5. Advanced LMS Integration of SCORM Web Laboratories

6. Advanced Passenger Security System for Radio Cabs with Video Transmission and Enhanced System Security with Biometric Module

7. Alternate Energy from Busy Road for Development of Smart City

8. An Automatic Embedded Toll Plaza with Document Verification and Speed Detection System

9. An Improved Traffic Signs Recognition and Tracking Method for Driver Assistance System

10. Antismuggling System for Trees in Forest using Flex Sensor with GSM & Zigbee Network

11. Audio–Vision Substitution for Blind Individuals: Addressing Human Information Processing Capacity Limitations

12. Automation System of Vehicle Requisition in Public Sector

13. Deep Dynamic Neural Networks for Multimodal Gesture Segmentation and Recognition

14. Design and Implementation of ATM Alarm Data Analysis System

15. Design and Implementation of Kitchen Monitoring System by Using Wireless Sensor Network

16. Design and implementation of the monitoring and control systems for distribution transformer by using GSM network

17. Design of Nano Robotics for Defense

18. Distribution Transformer Monitoring and Control System for Remote Electric Power Grids through GSM

19. Effective Implementation of IoT for Enhancing Cargo Container Security

20. Embedded System based Voting Machine System using Wireless Technology

21. Energy Efficient Location and Activity-aware On-Demand Mobile Distributed Sensing Platform for Sensing as a Service in IoT Clouds

22. Enhancing Child Safety Using RFID Technology

23. Evaluation of Ultrasound-Based Sensor to Monitor Respiratory and Nonrespiratory Movement and Timing in Infants

24. Extraction of Stride Events From Gait Accelerometry During Treadmill Walking

25. Garbage and Street Light Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

26. Intelligent Anti-Theft Tracking and Accident Detection System for Automobiles Based on Internet of Things

27. Multifunctional Defense Robot

28. Novel Low-Cost Sensor for Human Bite Force Measurement

29. Pollution Monitoring & Intelligent Information Exchange System for Traffic Congestion

30. Portable Road Side Sensor Base Real Time Vehicular System

31. Rapid Entire Body Assessment

32. Implementation of Smart Home Automation System through E-mail using Raspberry Pi and Sensors

33. Industrial Process Monitoring and CONTROL Using Raspberry PI

34. Remote Monitoring and Control of Boiler Feed Water in Power Generation Unit

35. Residence Energy Control System Based on Wireless Smart Socket and IoT

36. Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service in Smart Cities

37. Robotic Remote Surveillance and Control through Speech Recognition

38. Securing a Smart Home Network using Voice Biometric

39. Signal Quality and Compactness of a Dual-Accelerometer System for Gyro-Free Human Motion Analysis

40. “Teach Me–Show Me”—End-User Personalization of a Smart Home and Companion Robot

41. Touch screen based on Nurse/attendant calling system for physically impared

42. IOT Based Underground Wire Fault Detection Technique

43. Voice based e-mail System for Blinds

44. Wireless Bomb Defusing Robot with camera interfacing

45. Wireless Speed Control of Single Phase AC Motor

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