Embedded Projects

1. a survey of intrusion detection systems in wreless sensor networks

2. a system for automatic notification and severity estimation of automotive accidents

3. accident prevention using speed control of vehicle

4. advance energy management using gsm technology

5. advanced wireless power transfer system

6. air defense gun

7. an adaptable and extensible mobile sensing framework-for patient monitoring

8. an enhanced fall detection system for elderly person monitoring using consumer home networks

9. android controlled automobile

10. android interface based gsm home security system

11. android speech recognition based home automation

12. android wifi controlled intelligent robot

13. artificial intelligence dietician

14. auditorium controller

15. automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and gsm module

16. automatic conveyor for industrial automation

17. automatic notification and early rescue during automative accidents

18. automatic power grid controller

19. automatic vacuum cleaner

20. autonomous pesticide spraying robot for use in a greenhouse

21. bio metric signal processing system for door access security

22. commercial power saver project

23. control of spy robot by voice and computer commands

24. crop leaf area index observations with a wireless sensor network and its potential for validating remote sensing products

25. dc motor speed control by android

26. design and implementation of heart rate measurement device using wireless system

27. design and implementation of smart city using controlled

28. design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using gps gsm technology

29. design and motion planning of a two module collaborative indoor pipeline inspection robot

30. design of a color sensing system for textile industries

31. design of a solar tracking system for renewable energy

32. design of an intelligent security robot for collision free navigation applications

33. development of multi functional sensor module for energy saving air conditioner system

34. device load monitor with programmable meter for energy audit

35. echo friendly environment for the industrial areas

36. efficient power manager project

37. embedded fuzzy zigbee based irrigation system for home gardens

38. four channel industrial safety and control

39. fully automated solar grass cutter

40. geo location guide using rf

41. gps handcuffs with geographic prohibitions

42. gsm based automates multi transformer temperature detedtion and circuit breaking system

43. gsm based intelligent automatic plant irrigation system

44. gsm controlled robotics

45. home and industrial safety using fire and gas detection system

46. implementation of a web of things based smart grid to remotely monitor and control renewable energy sources

47. implementation of smart city management system with speech alert in android

48. industry power consumption penalty minimization using afpc unit project

49. infant incubator parameter sensing and monitoring through wireless

50. interated smart shoe for blind persons

51. mc based remote beacon flasher

52. microcontroller based smart power generation by dual axis controlled and power optimization

53. mobile robot in mine rescue and recovery

54. motion based message conveyer for paralytic disabled people

55. power grid failure detection based on voltage and frequency variance detection

56. programmable sequential load operation controlled by android application project

57. real time student varification system based on sms reuest

58. reservation based vehicle parking system using gsm and rfid technology

59. scada based industrial fluid parameter monitoring and control system

60. sentiment based movie rating system

61. signage system for the navigation of autonomous robots in indoor environments driving of a vehicle using model predictive control for improving traffic flow

63. smart power generation foot step and road hump power generation for smart street light system

64. smart system for waste monitoring

65. smart wireless battery charging with charge monitor project

66. tidy home control through voice

67. towards a new modality independent interface for a robotic wheelchair

68. ultrasonic spectacles and waist belt for visually impaired and blind person

69. vehicle movement based street lights with external light sensing

70. vision based robotic system for military applications design and real time validation

71. visual product identification for blind

72. voice based notice board using android

73. voice based vehicle automation

74. wireless fingerprint attendance system based on zigbee technology

75. zigbee and gsm based secure vehicle parking management and reservation system

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