Real Time Projects

1. a mobile app for reporting damaged electrical equipment

2. a novel reconfigurable microgrid architecture with renewable energy sources and storage

3. a review on design of automated floor cleaning system

4. a smart system connecting e-health sensors and the cloud

5. a wireless sensor network monitoring system for highway bridges

6. a zigbee based animal health monitoring system

7. an internet of things approach for motion detection using raspberry pi

8. an approch for monitoring and smart planning of urban solid waste management using smart m3 platform

9. an automated system for accident detection

10. an effective wireless solution for industrial automation

11. an enhanced crack detection system for railway

12. automated health alerts using in home sensor data for embedded health assessment

13. automatic control system for thermal comfort based on predicted mean vote and energy saving

14. automatic detection and notification of potholes and humps on roads to Aid drivers

15. control area network limitations in eco car

16. controller area network based cruise control in traffic situations

17. design & implementation of smart City using controlled

18. design and implementation of navigation and combat ship

19. dual mode wireless sensor network for real time contactless in door health monitoring

20. embedded fuzzy zigbee based irrigation system for home gardens

21. flood prediction and prevention through wsn

22. greencharge managing renewable energy in smart buildings

23. hand gesture recognition based robot using accelerometer sensor

24. hardware demonstration of a home energy management system for demand response appl

25. implementation of a wireless ecg acquisition soc for ieee 802.15.4 (zigbee) applications

26. iot based solution for home power energy monitoring and actuating

27. irrigation system using a wireless sensor network and gpsr

28. last meter smart grid embedded in an internet of things platform

29. low dimensional learning for complex robots

30. matlab efficient road detection and tracking for unmanned aerial vehicle

31. microcontroller based three phase fault analysis for temporary and permanent fault

32. multiple appliances controlling and Monitoring System based on wireless embedded home gateway

33. next generation auto theft prevention system using smart gravitational lock vehicle tracking with gps fencing and remote fuel cut off

34. power efficient interrupt driven algorithms for fall detection and classification of activities of daily living

35. prototype development of monitoring system in patient infusion with wireless sensor network

36. railway track crack detection autonomous vehicle

37. raspberry design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systems

38. raspberry pi based global industrial process monitoring through wireless communication

39. raspberry pi design of tracked robot with remote control for surveillance

40. remote microcontroller based monitoring of substation and control system through gsm modem

41. rfid and gsm based automatic rationing system using lpc2148

42. rfid based vehicle emissions in cities on internet of things

43. rfid based vehicle tracking and digital parking management system

44. seed sowing using robotics technology

45. smart lighting system iso iec ieee 21451 compatible

46. smart refrigerator using iot

47. the development of a blood leakage monitoring system for the applications in hemodialysis therapy

48. the elderly’s independent living in smart homes with daily life tracking application

49. topological indoor localization and navigation for autonomous mobile robot

50. toward welding robot with human knowledge, a remotely controlled approach

51. wireless sensor network system using raspberry pi and zigbee for environmental monitoring application

52. women anti rape belt

53. wsn and iot based smart homes and their extension to smart buildings

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