Web Security Projects

1. A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication

2. A Secure and Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data

3. A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System

4. An Exploration of Geographic Authentication Schemes

5. Constructing a Global Social Service Network for Better Quality of Web Service Discovery

6. Dummy-Based User Location Anonymization Under Real-World Constraints

7. FRAppE: Detecting Malicious Facebook Applications

8. Friendbook: A Semantic-based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks

9. Key-Aggregate Searchable Encryption (KASE) for Group Data Sharing via Cloud Storage

10. PRISM: PRivacy-aware Interest Sharing and Matching in Mobile Social Networks

11. Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing Services for Social Networks

12. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Progressive Recovery

13. RRW—A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data

14. Secure Auditing and Deduplicating Data in Cloud

15. Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing: A Case Study of Linear Programming

16. Secure Sensitive Data Sharing on a Big Data Platform

17. STAMP: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Location Proofs for Mobile Users

18. Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis

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