Finger Print Projects

1. a comparative study on the swarm intelligence based feature selection approaches for fake and real fingerprint classification

2. an effective algorithm for fingerprint reference point detection based on filed flow curves

3. an embedded fingerprint authentication system

4. analysis of fingerprint image for gender classification or identification

5. fingerprint authentication by hybrid dwt and svd based watermarking

6. fingerprint authentication enhancement using combination of dwt and dct

7. fingerprint authentication using gabor filter based matching algorithm

8. fingerprint based gender classification using dwt transform

9. fingerprint feature extraction using morphological operations

10. fingerprint matching and similarity checking system using minutiae based technique

11. fingerprint recognition and feature extraction using transform domain techniques

12. fingerprint recognition performance with wsq,cawdr, and jpeg2000 compression

13. fingerprint recognition using wavelet domain features

14. improving fingerprint based gender identification technique using systematic pixel counting

15. novel algorithm for fingerprint mosaicing using phase correlation method

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