Medical Image Projects

1. brain tumor segmentation using cuckoo search optimization for magnetic resonance images

2. brain tumor segmentation using thresholding,morphological operations and extraction of features of tumor

3. btswash brain tumour segmentation by water shed algorithm

4. detection of brain tumor in mri images, using combination of fuzzy c-means and svm

5. enhanced frame rate for real time eye tracking using circular hough transform

6. glaucoma detection from retinal images

7. identification and segmentation of exudates using svm classifier

8. identification of abnormility from digital mammogram to detect breast

9. mammogram denoising by curvelet transform based on the information of neighbouring coefficients

10. restoration of retina images using extended median filter algorithm

11. robust segmentation algorithm using morphological operators for detection of tumor in mri

12. secondary glaucoma diagnosis technique using retinal nerve fiber layer arteries

13. tumor detection on brain mr images using regional features method and preliminary results

14. watershed segmentation brain tumor detection

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