MATLAB Projects

1. A Compact Wideband MIMO Antenna With Two Novel Bent Slits

2. An Image Registration Method Based On the Combination Of Multiple Image Features

3. Automatic Detection of Neovascularization on Optic Disk Region with Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machine

4. Automatic seizure detection using a novel EEG feature based on nonlinear complexity

5. Blood Vessel Detection for Diabetic Retinopathy

6. Collaborative Tracking for Multiple Objects in the Presence of Inter-Occlusions

7. A Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Fusing Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images

8. Computer Vision Based Fire Alarming System

9. A Contour based Procedure for Face Detection and Tracking from Video

10. Circularly Polarized Conical Beam Microstrip Patch Antenna at S-band

11. Detection Methods of New Vessels in Retinal Fundus Images - A Survey

12. Different Methods Used for Extraction of Blood Vessels from Retinal Images

13. EEG Analysis via Multiscale Lempel-Ziv Complexity for Seizure Detection

14. Efficient Detection Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects in Temporal Domain

15. Detection of Epileptic Seizure Patterns in EEG through Fragmented Feature Extraction

16. Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Morphological Operators

17. Improving the spatial resolution of Ikonos images based on orthophotos: an application of image fusion with wavelet transform

18. Large-Scale MIMO Is Capable of Eliminating Power-Thirsty Channel Coding for Wireless Transmission of HE VC/H.265 Video

19. Latent Fingerprint Enhancement via Robust Orientation Field Estimation

20. Multi-focus Image Fusion Based On Sparse Feature Matrix Decomposition and Morphological Filtering

21. Multifocus image fusion via the Hartley transform

22. A novel method of EEG data acquisition, feature extraction and feature space creation for Early Detection of Epileptic Seizures

23. Omnidirectional rectangular microstrip antenna operating at TM02 and TM20 modes for mobile applications

24. Printed Ultrawide Band- Narrow Band Antenna Pair with Enhanced Isolation for MIMO Applications

25. Reliability-Based Discontinuity-Preserving Stereo Matching

26. A Review on Feature Extraction Techniques in Content Based Image Retrieval

27. Robust Online Face Tracking-by-Detection

28. Robust Tracking for Multiple Objects in a Video

29. A Real-time Small Moving Object Detection System Based on Infrared image

30. A Soft-Output Error Control Method for Wireless Video Transmission

31. A Survey on Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images for High Spatial and Spectral Information

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