Text Recoginition Projects

1. adaptive clustering algorithm for optical character recognition

2. document skew detection based on hough space derivatives

3. hindi speech synthesis by concatenation of recognized hand written devnagri script using support vector machines classifier

4. improvement of traffic sign recognition by accurate roi refinement

5. improving ocr for an under-resourced script using unsupervised word-spotting

6. line based extraction of important regions from a cheque image

7. malaysia traffic sig rcognition with convolutional neural network

8. mproved automatic license plate recognition(alpr) system based on single pass connected component labeling (ccl)and reign propertyfunction

9. recognizing text based traffic signs

10. reliable detection and skew correction method of license plate for ptz camera based license plate recognition system

11. script independent text pre processing and segmentation for ocr

12. segmentation techniques for handwritten script recognition system

13. sekil ve renk siniflandirma tabanli gerçek zamanda trafikareti algilama real-time traffic sign recognition based on shape and color classification

14. sift based automatic number plate recognition

15. skew correction and line extraction in binarized printed text images

16. traffic sign recognition and tracking for a vision-based autonomous vehicle using optimally selected features

17. traffic sign recognition using salient region features a novel learning based coarse to fine scheme

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