Visual Cryptography

1. an effective efficiency analysis of random key cryptography over rsa

2. an improved halftone visual secret sharing scheme for gray-level images based on error diffusion in forward and backward direction

3. elliptic curve cryptography for ciphering images

4. enhanced efficient halftoning technique used in embedded extended visual cryptography strategy for effective processing

5. feature based encryption technique for securing forensic biometric image data using aes and visual cryptography

6. image encryption and decryption in public key cryptography based on mr

7. linear algorithm for imbricate cryptography using pseudo random number generator

8. multiple embedding secret key image steganography using lsb substitution and arnold transform

9. recovering secret image in visual cryptography

10. revocable key generation from irrevocable biometric data for symmetric cryptography

11. secure image transmission using visual cryptography scheme without changing the color of the image

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